What´ s what

Welcome to YAYA!

So nice that you have found your way to our Homepage. 

We are a group of FLINTA (meaning Women, Lesbian, Intersex, Nonbinary, Trans, Agender). 

Our day to day business consists of organising different kinds of events, being present, and messing around in a system that is made by men for men. We try to organise events to mainly uplift the Queer BIPOC FLINTA community and create a safer space in which we can evolve and become something big and great together. We also chill together, get to know each other better and better, create spaces, take up space, learn from each other, share skills, connect to get jobs and on and on… Feel free to check out our projects and please follow uns on https://www.instagram.com/yaya_amalopa/ to stay updated!

Our Collective is also a registered charity. Meaning: We don´t have money but we can make it possible to get access to fundings for project ideas about arts and culture. We want to engage FLINTA to make their project ideas happen through our registered charity. 

Everybody is allowed to register to our charity e.V. The annual fee starts from 10€. You can register via the tab “Verein”. 

Up to now the rest of our homepage is just available in German. If you have any sorts of question, feel free to contact us!